Life Transitions

Life transition can be literal and/or symbolic.  Transition may involve various types of change, which can directly and indirectly impact many aspects of your life as you know it. Whatever stage of transition you are in, it can come with great challenges and/or anticipatory excitement.

Unexpected or unwelcome change can be especially hard — lack of control along with accompanying fear and uncertainty may feel overwhelming.  Even anticipated/planned changes may bring up a surprising level of anxiety about the unknown.

Here are some common life transitions that may call for added support to deal with the inevitable bumps, detours, and trials along the path:

  • Relationship status (marriage, divorce/breakups)
  • Family (birth/adoption, growing children’s milestones, death of loved ones)
  • Stage of life (empty nest, aging, caring for elderly parents)
  • Health (chronic or terminal illness, surgery, major accidents)
  • Career (changing jobs, unemployment, retirement)
  • Logistics (moving/relocating)
  • Identity (sexuality, spiritual, existential)

Change can be difficult, even change you have longed for.  People choose to stay in painful circumstances because familiarity is easier to deal with than the unknown.

There’s a wonderful Tibetan word that I’ve come to love, ‘bardo‘ or ‘bardos.It means “in-between” — it’s a fitting metaphor for the therapeutic process and I equate it to the “journey-ing” that occurs both in and out of sessions over time.  To go from point A to B, therapy can provide the support you need when the work of transitioning gets hard.  

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